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Swiss Cheese Security There Is No Security In Reactivity The Plight of the Public IP AP Isolation The Importance of Traditional POTS Landline Phones

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Spear Phishing – Increasingly Common

What is Spear Phishing? Spear Phishing is an attack technique in which an attacker crafts an e-mail using customized information about the recipient with the goal of tricking the recipient into divulging sensitive information such as usernames,  passwords, credit card … Continue reading

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The Right to Self-Administration vs. Principle of Least Privilege

Small business, college, and non-profit personnel tend to have administrative rights on their work machines. Bad move IT! Most computer users want to do, what they want to do, when they want to do it; treating their work computer as … Continue reading

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backup, Backup, BACKUP! Take 2

The Problem One of my personal mantras is, backup, Backup, BACKUP! Commonly, many individuals, organizations, and businesses do not take take the appropriate measures to archive their critical information on a scheduled basis. Today, I received a call from a … Continue reading

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Case in Point – Stumbling upon three simple No-No’s

Yesterday, I was assisting a new client who was moving into a new office space. In the corner of the room was a system labeled as the department server. My heart sank in IT disbelief.  The “server” sat there with … Continue reading

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What is Information Security?

Due to the mercurial nature of the technology and information security landscape, information security can be regarded as an ongoing process.  The security process involves awareness and training,  assessment of risk, the development of procedure and policy, and finally, the … Continue reading

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Backup Backup Backup!

We all should recite this little chant until we are blue in the face and get into the rhythm of obliging the namesake phrase.  So many individuals and small businesses do not have ample data protection policies and procedures in … Continue reading

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Happy Computing!

Hello World! Today, I start my blog. Blog posts will be my personal opinions on current technology issues from web 2-3.0 applications, web services, information security, small office computing, technology infrastructure, and of course new hardware and software products. … Continue reading

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